Fount is an 8 piece americana/folk band from Lakeland, FL. We began in 2015 as a songwriting project for Jeremy Hearn and Tosh Sargeant. The duo released a 4 song acoustic EP and started playing small sets under the name Fount. But, the two songwriters knew their songs wouldn't be fully realized until they put together a band. Soon Fount included 6 other musician friends; Joel Vislay, Billy Cambers, Yaneiri Tavares, Jonathan Gautier, Joey Cambers and Josh Dampier.  

In August of 2016 Fount released their first EP Moving On Songs, available through your favorite digital music provider or at our shows. The EP was self produced and recorded at Sound House Studios. It's a strong collection of stories about transition and the acknowledgement of what is lost when something is gained. Fount thrives on fun and friendship. We feel most comfortable playing live. So, come on out to a show. Just be sure to learn our songs before you come so you can sing along.    


Photographer: Tina Sargeant

Musicians: Billy Cambers, Joey Cambers, Josh Dampier, Jonathan Gautier, Jeremy Hearn,

Tosh Sargeant, Yaneiri Tavares, Joel Vislay